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Rev. Albert Moses, Jr, Senior Pastor

Husband, father, entrepreneur, business and community leader, Rev. Albert Moses, Jr. truly personifies the very qualities of a righteous and mighty man of valor. Born on July 17, 1956 in Baton Rouge, La, Rev. Moses yearned for a closer and more intimate relationship with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. As a child he began his journey to the center of the heart of God by preaching on the side of the very home that he was raised in; his church consisted of one member; his sister.

Having come from his own dynamic lineage of great messengers, Rev. Moses knew that God had a special and personal assignment for him to complete in the Kingdom. Rev. Moses graduated from Lincoln High School in 1974. He graduated from Lamar University receiving his B.S. Degree in 1978. He graduated from Praire View A. & M. University receiving his M.A. degree in 1984, and Med, degree in 1986. He also attended the South East Texas Extenstion of American Bible College of Nashville, Tennessee. In June of 1994, Rev. Moses heard the voice of God and humbly accepted the call. He acknowledges that many are called but few are chosen. It is the act of being chosen that have enabled him to become a vessel for God. Through his inspirational teaching lives are made whole. Through his spirit-stirring preaching souls are transformed. 

Through his compassionate evangelistic initiatives the word of God is heard by all under the command of his voice. On March 28, 1999 Rev. Moses was licensed to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. In January of 2000 he was ordained, and in February of 2000 he became the pastor of the Greater Mount Corinth Missionary Baptist Church of Kountze, Texas.

In November of 2003 he became the pastor of Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church of Port Arthur, Texas. It was there that he began his transition from being just a preacher to a Christian entrepreneur. Through the divine wisdom of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit he and his wife set out into new dimensions of Christ. Both of them left their stable places of employment that they had for many years and founded Love At Work Academy, Inc. (L.A.W. Academy).It is a ministry for probated youth ordered by the court the opportunity for a second chance at success. With various programs such as truancy prevention, gang awareness, substance abuse awareness and character education it is a ministry where Love is the L.A.W.

Throughout the trials and tribulations that come hand in hand with life also came the joys and triumphs of marriage and fatherhood. Rev. Albert Moses, Jr. has been married to Rev. Charlotte Moses for over 33 years and has four wonderful children, Rev. Albert III MDiv, Ashton, Ariel and Aisha and one beautiful granddaughter Audrina Jewelle Moses.

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